Embracing Lived Experience in Foster Care and Adoption

We believe in the powerful voices of those with lived expertise. Our community is built on a foundation of those who have lived through adoption, foster care, or kinship care, guiding the work we do. Today, we invite you to explore the heart and soul of our commitment to centering our work on those most impacted by foster care and adoption.

What is Lived Experience?

At Families Rising, lived expertise is the profound knowledge gained through experiencing foster care and adoption; it means understanding the complexities, challenges, and triumphs of these unique journeys. At Families Rising, we recognize and value the insights that can only be gained by living through these experiences. Our community thrives on the collective wisdom of individuals who have firsthand navigated the foster care and adoption landscapes.

Voices from Within: Quotes by our Staff with Lived Expertise

“We don’t just empathize; we understand because we’ve walked this path ourselves.”

Explore the heartfelt words of our dedicated staff members who bring a depth of understanding to their roles, having experienced foster care and adoption firsthand. These quotes embody the compassion and authenticity that define our community.

Read our recent blog post, In My Skin where Justice Stevens, adopted into a white family as a Black child, reflects on the complexities and challenges of his transracial adoption, emphasizing the crucial role of his parents’ support and understanding in navigating racial identity and experiences of racism. He highlights the importance of embracing and understanding cultural differences, and the positive impact of having strong Black role models and open discussions about race within his family.

Join Our Growing Community and Become a Member

Whether you’re an individual with lived expertise, a supportive ally, or someone seeking understanding, we welcome you to become a member. Together, we create a space that embraces the diversity of experiences within the foster care and adoption realm.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of connection, understanding, and empowerment.

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