People Like You Change Lives

When you donate to Families Rising, you help children and youth get what they need — lifelong connections to families that have what they need to help children thrive.

Since 1974, Families Rising has partnered with people like you to make sure that children and youth have a support system to love and guide them.

Your tax-deductible donation helps us:

  • Support the families caring for these children
  • Educate and guide child welfare professionals doing life-changing work
  • Advocate for the rights of children and youth in the child welfare system
  • Give a platform to those with lived expertise in adoption and foster care to share their experience

“Thank you Families Rising for being THE model of advocacy and source of information for children in need of adoptive parents, children and adults who have been adopted, and for relevant, just and effective social, legal and support services for kin, foster and adoptive families.”
–Parent and adoption advocate

Ways to Give to Families Rising

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