Our Mission at Families Rising: Advocating for Children in Foster Care and Their Families

Families Rising’s mission is to amplify those with lived experience, assist adoptive, foster, and kinship parents, educate child welfare professionals, and champion the well-being of children and families.

Core Beliefs and Values at Families Rising

At Families Rising, we are driven by a deep commitment to ensuring every child in foster care finds a loving family. We believe in the power of family, the importance of identity, and the need for supportive communities and shared responsibility in child welfare.

  • Family First: We advocate for children to be with their families whenever possible and support adoption as a vital option when reunification isn’t possible.
  • Identity and Support: We are committed to helping children develop both cultural and personal identity, offering support to all children in foster care and adoption experiences, including those who identify as LGBTQ.
  • Community and Advocacy: Building strong networks and advocating for policies that support children and families in foster care and adoption.

Our Vision and Action

  • Vision: Every child deserves a loving, and supportive family.
  • Mission: We support families and advocate for children through support, education, and advocacy.
  • Activities: We educate professionals, support families, and advocate for children touched by the foster care system to thrive.

Understanding Foster Care and Adoption

  • The Need: Foster care is often a temporary solution, but sadly, many children cannot return home and need permanent families through adoption or guardianship.
  • Challenges and Support: Recognizing the ongoing challenges due to trauma, we emphasize the crucial role of post-adoption supports for healing and thriving families.

Founded by adoptive parents in 1974, Families Rising’s unwavering commitment is to ensure that children in foster care have loving homes and families receive the support they need. Join us in our mission to create nurturing, permanent environments for every child.

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